Love letters for sale

I fell in love this year. Let me write you a letter.

It always surprises me when people talk about the anxiety they feel when they put pen to paper (fingers to keys to blank page and blinking cursor). Storytellers and jesters--even teachers--who fill with dread at the idea of writing.

Actual temperature of my heart.

Actual temperature of my heart.

Writing has always been a release. A sanctuary. It helps me make sense of the world, of me. Seeing something in black and white makes it true. Especially the words of someone I love. Words I can reread, close my eyes and see. I love you. I miss you. Forever. 

Who doesn't want that? Let me help. 

If you want to tell someone something this holiday season, and you can't find the words, I've got them. I know about love. About loss. About reconciliation. New feelings and old. And, most importantly: I can write the hell out of just about anything. 

I'm just about bursting with all kinds of awesome feelings right now. So let me write you a love letter. Give the gift of words.