Kate (Gorton) Vogel


“The Future of Biotech”

I conducted an interview with one of our high-school student interns, who spent her summer in the biotech lab building on her expertise, and talked about both her aspirations and her background as a first-generation child of immigrants.


Ad Copy:
LinkedIn InMail

I crafted a series of “recruitment-style” emails to target working professionals with the right background for our suite of online graduate programs, written to entice and inform via inbound marketing instead of a hard, heavy sales pitch.


Blog Editor:

One of my main tasks is creating and/or editing every post that appears on our department blog. I led the complete revamp of this blog 2 years ago, with a commitment to an inbound approach that gives potential students helpful information on navigating online learning, instead of sales-forward messaging.

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Podcast Host & Editor

For 2 years, I have co-hosted “Hey, Beautiful,” an increasingly popular podcast dedicated to the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother. In addition to my responsibilities as host, I am also the social media manager, podcast editor, and Patreon community coordinator.


Digital Magazine:

I am the creator and editor of my department’s regular digital magazine, Panorama. In each issue I write articles, a letter from the editor, and also copyedit and proofread every piece. I am also in charge of keeping the project on track.


Rachel Basch author website

I helped author Rachel Basch redesign and punch up her author website, doing all of the design work via SquareSpace and writing all of the copy.